Onetime iPhone app changes the way to share sensitive information

April 21st, 2011

Xcellent Creations, Inc. announces the release of Onetime, an iPhone app designed to share sensitive information with ease and peace of mind.

Think secret agent information sharing when you think of Onetime. Utilizing SSL encryption and in memory data storage, Onetime generates a web link that is good for one viewing only by your chosen recipient.  Users can also specify an expiration time, so that if the web link is not visited, the information is destroyed forever. The recipient only needs to have a web browser to view the Onetime message.

Uses of the site can vary from planning a surprise party to transmitting payment to vendors without using a fee-based service like PayPal. The possibilities are unlimited!

Currently available in the Apple App Store, Onetime retails for $0.99.

Onetime also has companion website: