Enriching the lives of kiddos through exploration

February 11th, 2011

Well, if anyone knows how to teach children valuable life lessons, quite frankly, it’s Hannah Rose. We’ve teamed up with Patrice Gendelman and brought the magic of her self-esteem, confidence building Hannah Rose Knows e-books to the fingertips of eager children everywhere.

With a little simplicity and equal parts beautiful illustrations, our team created an iPhone app that is convenient for families on the go and full of engagement for children. It includes an interactive coloring book feature, auto-read option, and full-text version so that parents can read to their children.

Fans of the Hannah Rose Knows series can easily enjoy the experience with a free download of the app, which comes with one free book. Just in time, too! Hannah Rose Knows is about to release three new books entitled: No One Has the Right to Be A Bully, All About Diabetes, and All About Autism.

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