In The Beginning…

Xcellent Creations was there when the iPhone launched. Before the App Store existed, Xcellent Creations launched iNetworkTest as a mobile HTML application for use on the iPhone. When the App Store launched, we converted iNetworkTest to a native application, and it has been available in the App Store ever since.

And Since Then…

We have been shipping applications for our customers. Here are just a few of the applications we have developed over time.


An educational tool designed for young children and individuals with communicative disabilities.


Securely share sensitive information with Onetime URLs. All data is permanently deleted immediately after being viewed.

Hannah Rose Knows

A series of stories written for young children, ages preschool and up, available as E-Books and iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps.

Visual Journeys

White label platform for photographers to create coffee table book iPad apps.

iNetwork Test

Internet speed test application. The web application went live 1 week before the first iPhone launched, 1 of the first 300 apps in the App Store.

Mobile Ticket App

White label solution for Ticket Brokers to launch a mobile web app, native iOS app, and Android app.

Planet Soul

An entertaining and fully interactive reading experience that will teach children the impact they can have with a positive attitude.

Gridiron Grunts

iOS App to Android conversion. Pro athletes record “Grunts” that can be subscribed to. “Grunt” at your friends.

iPush Test

Test iOS’ push notification framework. Useful for testing notification methods under iOS 5. (Banner, PopUp, etc.)